Please read the whole post before contacting us 🙏

We are trying to bring back the "good ole days" of Nike
SB Dunks and being able to walk into a shop and
snag a pair of dunks for box or even on sale!

Starting tomorrow and until further notice we will start
putting a General Release Nike SB Dunk on our shoe
wall at random.

We will not announce, post, email, hint or text when we
put them on our wall, it will be random but in release

All the Dunks pictured will be released this way and in
release order ,then we will move onto whatever is
shipped to us next and so forth.

We know this is not the norm and different but we are
doing this so our most frequent customers and more
importantly our skate customers have a better shot at
getting Dunks for retail, as they have been getting the
shortest end of the stick with all this hype.

If this becomes an issue we will change it but we really
do not want to resort to raffling every pair of dunks as
it's a lot of work and we tired...though Josh seems to
enjoy going live 😏

If you have any issues with this leave it in the
comments or better yet come to the shop and talk to
us in person. Who knows maybe there will be a pair of
dunks on the wall when you do!

PS Best believe we will not be putting a pair on the
wall this 🤝