Season 16 is upon us! Carpet Company pulled out all the stop for this season with a special collection featuring Brian Anderson, hidden prints, hand screened decks and more. Starting off the Carpet Misprint Tee, season 16 gets a UV color changing ink update which hides the iconic misprint logo until the sun hits it. So if you like magic tricks or want two graphics in one that the Season 16 Misprints from Carpet are for you. The graphics for Season 16 don't miss! Nick Friedline killed it this season plus the Carpet Taxpayer Tee features a unique SEWN on graphic that hides a secret print underneath. Then we get one of our favorite guest series yet with Brain Anderson! We could not believe when we saw the promo that they bagged (gagged) BA for season 16! The Dino graphic for his guest series by Nick Friedline is one our favorite graphics yet and hyped it is featured on not just the decks, but on a tee and custom cut jeans too. Season 16 from Carpet Company could be one of the best seasons yet and not sure how they will top it. Shop all things Carpet Company while it's available, as it never lasts long, in-store and on