The Masters Game Of Skate is back!
A classic Game Of Skate at Truxun Skate Park in Annapolis. $5 to enter. Grand prize of at least $250 in cash and the coveted Green Jacket is awarded to the Master!
Sign up in person at the shop or day of at the event but hurry as there are only 32 open slots!
How it works:
Just like HORSE but with skateboarding, and spelling out SKATE instead. Two skaters face off head to head and throw rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first. The first skater sets a trick, and if they land it, then the opposing skater has one try to match it. If you miss the trick, you get a letter. If you land the trick, it’s your turn to set a trick now. Play goes back and forth like this until one or both players have all but the last letter, “E.” If you’re about to be eliminated, you have two tries to land the final trick. Once you’ve spelled out the full word, “S.K.A.T.E,” you lose and eliminated from the tournament.
2. No feet on the ground
3. No grabs
4. No Manuals
5. No tricks that slide on the ground
7. The last letter gets two tries on E
8. Offensive toe drag gets one do-over
9. Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin of error
2019 Winner : Atem