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Snowboard Rentals

Need snowboard rentals? We got you covered! Rent a snowboard with bindings and boots 7 days a week!

Save time and money by renting a snowboard and boots at Pure Boardshop.

We offer a variety of snowboards to rent and take advantage of our knowledgeable staff to make sure you get the perfect size for you.


What to expect:

  • -Rental packages include a snowboard, bindings and boots
  • -Rent just a snowboard and bindings or just boots
  • -Rent by the day, week or season
  • -We do not offer rental helmets
  • -We do not charge you for the day you pick up the rental or the day you bring it back
  • -We promise our gear is better than what the resort offers

Rental Rates:

 Equipment Rental Duration Price
Snowboard/Bindings/Boots 1 day $40
Snowboard/Bindings 1 day $30
Boots 1 day $20
Snowboard/Bindings/Boots 1 week/7 days $200
Snowboard/Bindings/Boots Season (Dec-Apr) $500
Snowboard/Bindings/Boots Season (Feb-Apr) $275