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We offer tuning service for all snowboards and ski's in-store at Pure Boardshop. Our services include hot wax, edge sharpening and minor base repairs along with snowboard binding mounting and adjustments.


 Service Price
Regular Hot Wax $20
Premium Hot Wax $30
Regular Hot Wax + Edge Sharpen $35
Premium Hot Wax + Edge Sharpen $45
Edge Sharpen $20
End Of Season Wax $10
Snowboard Binding Mounting $30


Things to know:

Fastest turnaround for all services is 24 hours but can not be guaranteed.


All services are pre-paid.


If you are getting new bindings mounted to a snowboard, bring in your boots so we can make sure the new bindings are sized and adjusted correctly to your boots.


Our hot wax service is done by hand with a waxing iron to maximize the speed and longevity of the wax. We use Beaver Wax for all our hot wax services as they are hand made and free of perfluorocarbons which helps make sure no toxins go into the environment while keeping you snowboard fast!


We offer two tiers of hot wax service, Regular Hot Wax and Premium Hot Wax. The Regular Hot Wax service uses Beaver All Temp Wax that works in all conditions. The Premium Hot Wax service uses Beaver Dam Fast All Temp Wax that uses natural additives for crazy fast speeds in all conditions.


Edge sharpening service includes taking rust off edges, de-burring, sharpening and polishing edges of snowboards and ski's.

End Of Season Wax Service helps keep your base safe and fresh for the off season. The service is done by applying a thick layer of wax with an iron and left on. Scrapping and buffing is skipped to make sure the wax helps seal the base and not dry out while in storage.