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Consign at Pure Boardshop

Not only do we sell items from our favorite brands but we also sell your stuff! Bring your shirts, pants, shoes and all other clothing items to the shop to start selling on consignment!


No appointment necessary, come by the shop during our regular business hours with your items you wish to sell. We will determine the selling price and you will receive 40% of the selling price after any items are sold.


We will display and sell your items for 60 days total after which you must come pick up your items otherwise you forfeit them over to Pure Boardshop. You are welcome to come by the shop anytime to receive your payment for any sold items.


We want to create a partnership with you and we want to make the consign process easy and smooth. Bring in your nicest goods and we will make sure to sell them!



Click here to see our Consignment Contract for more information

Frequently asked questions:

How do I drop off items to sell?

-Bring your items any time the shop is open but make sure your items are well kept and clean



How much do I make when one of my items sells?

-You will receive 40% of the sale price, so if we sell your jacket for $40, you will receive $16



How do I get paid?

-Come by the shop anytime to be paid out for your sold items. You will be paid in cash up to 1 year from date you dropped of your items. After 1 year you forfeit any and all pay outs for sold items.



Can I sell skateboards or other collectables?

-Right now we are only accepting clothing items which include: shirts, pants, jackets, hats and shoes.



What happens if my items don't sell?

-All items have 60 days from date of drop off to sell. Any items not sold withing the 60 days must be picked up by you otherwise all items not picked up after the 60 day period will become the property of Pure Boardshop



Can I pick up my items before 60 days?

-You are more than welcome to come pick up your items anytime during regular hours from the date you drop them off till 60 days after.