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Union Wall Mount Snowboard Holder


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Brand: Union Binding Co


Union Wall Mount Snowboard Holder

Union Wall Mount Snowboard Holder - Show off your MVP's or keep them handy and easy to find! The Union Snowboard Holders are easy to install and minimal so your snowboard is what stands out.

  • Includes Wall Plugs
  • Mounts To Any Flat Surface
  • Die Cast Aluminum Cover With U Logo
  • Accommodates Snowboards Of Any Shape Or Size
  • Adjustable Width To Help Avoid Re-Drilling Walls


Tools Needed: 

  • Drill 
  • 4 mm Drill Bit 
  • Tape Measure 
  • Level 
  • Screw Driver 
  • Beer (optional)


  • Choose the wall location and height that you’d like your snowboard to be at. (The board should rest near the top inserts) 
  • Measure the width of your snowboard at the top inserts 
  • Using the measurement from above, mark the two pilot holes with a pencil   
  • Use a level to ensure the mounting holes are even
  • Drill your pilot holes 
  • Insert the drywall anchor into the pilot holes 
  • Hand screw each wall mount into place 
  • Load your board by inserting it at the narrowest point and gently slide into place
  • If needed, loosen the screws to adjust the width of the hangers based on where you want your board to rest 
  • Place the rubber cover onto the hanger
  • Step back and admire your beautiful snowboard display


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About Union Biding Company: "Status quo" is a dirty word at Union Binding Company. We believe that if you aren’t moving forward, you're falling behind. As a manufacturer, as a brand, and as part of the snowboarding community, we do what competitors say can’t be done: we transform the dynamic between the snowboarder and the snowboard.

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