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eS Swift Skate Shoes

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eS Swift Skate Shoes

The eS Swift Skate Shoes takes inspiration from early eS skate shoes but has all the features of a modern skate shoe. The eS Swift feels like a fully padded shoe from the early 2000’s with out the added bulk. The screen printed toe helps add durability to an already durable premium suede upper. The STI System G2 paired with the STI Energy Foam for high impact protection and helps protect against heel bruises.

  • STI open cell foam for foot contact, board feel, cushioning, and control
  • Natural rubber outsole design for maximum grip and flexibility
  • Minimal material for maximum board control
  • Premium Suede Upper: High quality suede made for skateboarding
  • One piece toe design to last longer
  • Thermothane Ollie pad for greater abrassion protection
  • 400 NBS Gum rubber outsole to last longer